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The City:
With crime rates reaching record highs, local officers and detectives have no way of keeping their residents safe. They rely heavily on the help of private investigators to help fight crime. You will work with Sin City's notorious Private investigator Storm and his team while you are thrown into a city that never sleeps. . Sin City is just like a Law and Order episode at the end of each episode, you will solve a crime. As you continue solving cases in Sin City, a bigger mystery begins to evolve and, if solved it could be the end-all crime in this seemingly hopeless city. Choose this experience if you are looking to solve a murder in one night. It can be played in a group or alone. 

This purchase includes six episodes in the Sin City mystery series, The Performer, The Mechanic, The Doctor, The Lawyer, The Teacher, and The Detective. 

Sin City Choose Your Episode

  • An Innocent man is serving a life sentence all while suspects benefit from the victim's fame and wealth. Work with Detective Storm to find Lindy McCarthy's killer. Lindy was a famous violinist who was murdered in her dressing room just before her final performance. Read through PI Storm's field notebook, police documents, and the evidence items he gathered during his investigation looking for clues Storm and the local police department missed.

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