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Welcome to AKA Headquarters, your ultimate source for updates on our thrilling mystery lines.  Here is where you will learn what we are currently working on, eta for future shipments, and new ideas in the works. 

Blind Faith

Now Live On Kickstarter!

We are pulling out all the stops and taking absolutely no shortcuts. Our focus is on delivering a handcrafted and curated experience that immerses you in the victim's story in a creative and engaging way, with some puzzling elements. Each episode will be told to you through the eyes of the victim as she shares details about the people in her life and possible motives.  

March 21st at noon Eastern time- Kickstarter launched and will be live Until April 21st at noon.  We were fully funded in under six hours. Backers will receive pricing, elements, and upgrade options that will only be able to offer through the campaign.  

April - June - Proofing, play testing, and production.

September-? Shipping begins.   Because shipping will be completed over several months the sooner you make your pledge the faster you will receive your set! 

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