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Jigsaw ton cases
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Hope Night was the proud owner of a thriving nightclub called Hopeless Nights.  Opening the club was a dream come true for the young business owner.   Hope's career life was on a winning path, but her personal life was not so glamorous. Hope’s body was discovered early on a Sunday morning, lying in a pool of blood in the parking lot of Hopeless Nights.  

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Faith Darling, a crafting intellectual, was found lifeless in her home by her husband on a Saturday night.   Faith filled her days with creating colorful inspirational quoted pillows to sell in her online retail crafting business. With what appeared to be a great marriage, an excellent business, friends who adored her, and loving children, who could have wanted her dead?

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After Rosa finished shopping, she was greeted with a horrible site. Timothy Drummer, her pool technician, was lying unresponsive near the pool when she called 911. Timothy, a hard-working single father, was a leading contender in the pool service industry. With a waitlist a mile long, his business was sure to succeed. However, his finances didn't seem to match his business's success.  

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