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With A Killing Affair

Go Undercover As A Customer of An At-Home Painting Company

One box set includes everything you need to go undercover for one to two people.

More party-size packages are also available. See details for more information. 



It has come to our attention that crime has more than doubled through video-sharing sites and other social media. We are asking our talented detectives to help crack these cases undercover. We need you to pose as customers, students, and employees.

While undercover, you will solely be responsible for identifying possible suspects, finding hidden clues, reading between the lines, and cracking these cases. Choose your undercover case wisely. You may be their only hope!

Killer Art With Ashley

Are you ready for a thrilling and unique murder mystery experience? Look no further! Go undercover as a customer of an at-home painting company.  You will receive a painting kit for two from a renowned artist and watch a video tutorial to learn how to paint a beautiful masterpiece on canvas.


But here's the twist: the artist was killed just after shipping the paint kits! It's now your job to watch the video, paint the canvas, and unravel the mystery while looking for clues and hidden evidence and, ultimately, finding the killer. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to test your detective skills and immerse yourself in a thrilling and exciting investigation. Don't miss out on this unforgettable night of mystery and art! 


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