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  • This subscription will begin with Lovely City. 
  • Once you complete all four seasons of Lovely City, you will begin receiving Sin City.
  • If you are a subscriber to both Sin City and Lovely City, once you have completed Lovely City, your membership will end.  


  • Deadly Secrets is a premium episode and will not be shipped with your subscription. 

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  • For years, a serial killer has been terrorizing the once-quiet city of Lovely, Florida. Leaving families shattered with little hope of catching the person responsible and ending this nightmare. Help Trish Tate and Kim Kimbell bring this killer to justice. Engross yourself in the city’s gossip and deepest secrets while you get to know the detective team, the victims, and the suspects. Help law enforcement unravel this nightmare case file by case file, as the local detectives share with you each file in desperation to help put the murderer behind bars.

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