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For years on the Fourth of July a serial killer has been terrorizing the once quiet city of Lovely, Florida. Help detectives catch the killer before someone else is killed!


Independence Day is loaded with interactive, immersive gameplay. With 5 episodes and over 12 hours of gameplay, photographing it all is impossible! However, here is a small sample of what lies ahead!

Season 1 - Independence Day - Episode 1 and 2 Bundle Deal

$70.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • SEASON 1 LOVELY CITY'S, INDEPENDENCE DAY KILLER For years a serial killer has been terrorizing the once quiet city of Lovely, Florida. Leaving families shattered with little hope of catching the person responsible and ending this nightmare. Help Trish Tate and Kim Kimbell bring this killer to justice. Engross your self in the city’s gossip, and deepest secrets while you get to know the detective team, the victims and suspects. Help law enforcement unravel this nightmare case file by case file, as the local detectives share with you each file in desperation to help put the murderer behind bars.

  • All of Killing Affair's games include the topic of murder.   We recommend that if playing with children under the age of 13, proceed with caution.  

    Graphic content is not included in any of our games; however, when additional content warnings are needed, they can be found in your episode on the Welcome Back letter. Warnings will include the specific items to review before working through, cracking, or reading.

    Below you can find topic content warnings for each season. 

    • Season 1 - Drunk driving references, light drug references, light language content
    • Season 2 - Light drug references, medium sexual assault, and medium language content. 
    • Season 3 - Miscarriage, light violence towards animals, medium drug references
    • Season 4 - No content warnings. 
    • Sin City- High drug references, medium language content

    ​​Please email or chat with us if you would like more information or specific details regarding any of the warnings. We will help you determine if the topic is appropriate for your audience.

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