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Are you ready for a thrilling and unique murder mystery experience? Look no further! Go undercover as a customer of an at-home painting company. You will receive a painting kit for two from a renowned artist and watch a video tutorial to learn how to paint a beautiful masterpiece on canvas. But here's the twist: the artist was killed just after shipping the paint kits! It's now your job to watch the video, paint the canvas, and unravel the mystery while looking for clues and hidden evidence and, ultimately, finding the killer. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to test your detective skills and immerse yourself in a thrilling and exciting investigation. Don't miss out on this unforgettable night of mystery and art!


After your order is shipped, you will receive a crucial email from us that includes a link to our website,, and a unique password to access valuable tips, hints, and solutions.

We highly recommend reviewing this information before diving into the gameplay portion of the undercover case. Since this is a covert operation, we intentionally limit the amount of information included in your purchase to preserve the element of surprise and excitement.


This also makes our undercover case an excellent option for gifting to a fellow painter or mystery enthusiast. With limited information included in the purchase, your friend will be surprised and thrilled to discover the intricacies of the gameplay on their own. Don't miss out on the fun - order your undercover case today and prepare for an exciting adventure!


Undercover With AKA-Killer Art With Ashley

  • It has recently come to our attention here at A Killing Affair's Head Quarters that crime has more than doubled through video-sharing sites and other social media.   We have been asked to bring our talented detectives undercover to help crack these cases and help reduce crime. We need you to pose as customers, students, and employees.   While undercover, you will solely be responsible for identifying possible suspects, finding hidden clues, reading between the lines, and cracking these cases.  Choose your undercover case wisely. You may be their only hope! 

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