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  • MOM Coasters:  Means, Opportunity, and Motives Definition Coasters. Beautiful handcrafted square coasters perfect for any real detective's home! 4x4 with cork back to keep your furniture safe.
  • An armchair detective handbook with over 175 pages to keep your notes for all your cases:  Unleash your inner detective and master the art of investigation with "The Armchair Detective's Workbook." Packed with essential tools and expert guidance, this comprehensive workbook is your key to solving mysteries from the comfort of your own home.Inside, you'll discover invaluable tips and techniques for cracking ciphers, deciphering clues, and conducting investigations like a seasoned sleuth. From understanding the intricacies of means, motive, and opportunity to unraveling the mysteries of first-degree murder, our comprehensive definitions provide the foundation for your detective journey.But the heart of this workbook lies in its organization and structure. With 7 pages dedicated to each case, you'll have ample space to meticulously document your findings, create detailed timelines, compile suspect lists, and jot down crucial notes. Our systematic approach ensures that no clue goes unnoticed and no detail is overlooked as you piece together the puzzle.Whether you're a true crime enthusiast, a murder mystery gamer, or simply someone with a passion for puzzles, "The Armchair Detective's Workbook" is your ultimate companion for honing your investigative skills and unraveling the mysteries that lie before you. Get ready to embark on a journey of deduction, discovery, and intrigue - adventure awaits!

Armchair Detective and MOM Coasters Bundle

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$25.00Sale Price
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