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An Immersive murder mystery game where each season a murder is solved over 3 to 5 episodes.  In each case, you will work directly with local Detectives as they take you on a serial killer's journey with multiple crimes, deaths, and injuries. 

Like watching your favorite TV show, we recommend starting with Season 1, Episode 1.  In each episode, you will work through secret messages, hidden clues, and evidence, all while eliminating suspects. Once you have your final episode of the season, you will have everything you need to convict the killer. 


Choose this experience if you want a fully immersive murder mystery that can be played over time. It can be played in a group or alone. 

Lovely City By Season

  • For years, a serial killer has been terrorizing the once-quiet city of Lovely, Florida. Leaving families shattered with little hope of catching the person responsible and ending this nightmare. Help Trish Tate and Kim Kimbell bring this killer to justice. Engross yourself in the city’s gossip and deepest secrets while you get to know the detective team, the victims, and the suspects. Help law enforcement unravel this nightmare case file by case file, as the local detectives share with you each file in desperation to help put the murderer behind bars.

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